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We love football.

We envision the Game much more exciting than ever.

We dream of saves that are more breathtaking 

than the goals and of goalkeepers that are
 superstars and inspire passion.
To develop goalkeepers like that we need 
to reinvent and redefine training.  Find
ways to address the need for

 Mental Fitness.

And then take it all the way to Mental Power.

Give the players the skills to take mastery beyond 

perfection.  All the way to imagination and creativity.


Mental Fitness is what separates the top athletes, in every sport.   We all want that. 

But  how do we offer that to our goalkeepers?  That is what we are trying to develop. 

We study Mental Training in other sports, in the research, and in practice.

Then combine that with the needs and demands of goalkeeping.

Teach the mental skills to the athletes (phase 1),
use them for individual needs and goals (phase 2),
then master the optimal performance state (phase 3).

Deliberate mental training is how every goalkeeper can keep his mind fit.

Every day, just like and along with the rest of the training. 


The 4th Corner started as a Research Project.  
We developed a procedure and collected data to assess
and validate a practical Mental Training Method.  
Our final goal is to make our experience and results accessible to Goalkeepers and coaches who wish to practice mental training and 
achieve mental fitness.

Soon we will be able to provide this Online Course called Goalkeeper Mental Training

If you are interested please let us know here.